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Welcome to our school website. We hope that the information available at this site provides you with needed resources and up-to-date access to our school community. For the site to get to this point, it takes regular work by our site administrator, Mrs. Ley. We appreciate her efforts in keeping us up to date. During the school year we will continue to add more content, features, and services.

We have new report cards released this year through the guidance of the Ministry of Education. Please note the navigation side bar on this page for more information about our new reports.

We are very pleased that you have taken this opportunity to visit with us, and we would encourage you to explore our site in depth. We hope you will find a helpful snapshot of some of the activities and teaching that are the foundation of our school success. This web page is a growing and changing information tool which we continue to expand and fine tune. The site is designed to support good communication between the school and our community. Please take a moment to visit "Library" and "Department" locations to find weblinks to important resources for each subject. We encourage you to visit the School Council page and consider whether you might join this group to help Clarke support students.

It is the teachers, support staff, parents, volunteers, school council members and community contributors who help make the success of our students a reality. We welcome your input and please be sure to contact us if you have a specific concern that we may be able to help you with.

Clarke High School is a small school which fosters a positive learning environment for all students. Clarke has an outstanding reputation for encouraging students to achieve excellence in all phases of their education.

We have several Key Principles that guide our work each day:

        The staff of Clarke High School will strive to provide success for all students through:

         “Our Teaching”:

        -we provide encouragement and direction for students to succeed
        - we provide a variety of teaching approaches to meet individual needs
        - we are committed to up-to-date assessment and evaluation practices
        - we are committed to integrate technology into learning

         “Our Connection with Students”:

        -we support a sense of belonging in all students
        - we maintain positive student-teacher connections
        - we provide a safe place to learn
        - we offer extra help when needed

       “Our Connection with Parents/Guardians”:

        - we support open lines of communication
        - we provide ongoing feedback to students, parents/guardians
        - we maintain a positive working partnership between school, home and community
        - we provide regular information to the Clarke community

        “Being Role Models”:

        - we show respect for all persons
        - we support every student in their pursuit of success and lifelong learning
        - we present clear expectations to students
        - we use consistent positive approaches to problem solving
        - we will be fair and consistent in the application of rules and policies

Some school highlights include:
  • special events fundraising for charity - consistently each year students raised $2,000.00 in penny drives to support War Amps
  • annual support of Terry Fox Run for cancer research - this year raised almost $1,000.00
  • students and staff support the Newcastle Food Bank, United Way, Bethesda House and other community organizations
  • our school keeps a worldwide vision for helping others with our fundraising support of World Vision
  • we have a large and active Student Council
  • Clarke has a established the Raider Nation to promote friendly competition and school spirit. Each student is a member of a vibrant school community with a goal of participation for all in many facets of school life. Each person’s contribution benefits the whole school.
  • there is a strong emphasis on the development of leadership skills for students including clubs, athletics, and a large Peer Helper program, Student Leadership camp and Boardwide Student Council leadership opportunities
If you have any questions about the school or its programs, please contact us using information from our School Home page.

Please see the School Profile and EQAO links available under the About Us section on the left hand side of the page.

Last Modified: Mar 19, 2013

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