Welcome to the Arts

Clarke High School offers many opportunities to become involved in the Arts.

The Music and Visual Arts department have lots to offer in the school, and have many ways to explore your artistic desires within the classroom, school community, local community and beyond! 


Clarke Art offers a wide variety of experiences in the arts – media, visual, craft, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and photography. Through participation in the arts, students develop their creativity and critical thinking skills. Students learn about diverse techniques as well as interconnections and commonalities amongst disciplines. These skills enrich student’s ability to perceive and communicate ideas and can be applied in many other areas of their lives. Students experience a sense of achievement and fulfillment through their studies in Clarke Arts.


Clarke Music offers a wide variety of music programming. Students engage in a variety of learning experiences and participate in various real life musical experiences. Our students have multiple performance opportunities, but are also introduced to the world of music careers outside of performance, including sound technology, recording, instrument creation/building, composing, event planning, etc. Technology is woven into all parts of the learning in the music program and students can use current applications to create and compose music.


Contact Information

Contact Information

Matt Mills



Daniel Frawley



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